Take Charge Of Your Finances And Your Future

Let’s Take Charge Of Your Divorce

Maybe you never saw it coming or maybe you knew this day was inevitable. But now that you are getting divorced, you need to know where you stand and what your options are. You need to go into this process with confidence, understanding and clear priorities.

You can lean on me and my 30-plus years of experience as a divorce lawyer. I will help you take stock of your situation and we will make a plan. In or out of court, my job is to protect your financial interests and your parental rights while you chart a new life path. The law office of Jodie Bassichis, P.A, serves men and women in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida.

All The Moving Parts Of A Divorce

I can knowledgeably guide you to strategies and solutions for every facet of a Florida divorce, which may involve:

I help you game plan your divorce, from setting goals and strategies to choosing your battles wisely. I am accessible to you throughout the process of dealing with conflicts and decisions as they crop up.

You can be as involved as you want or you can trust me to “handle business” for you.

Encouraging Settlement, But Highly Equipped For Litigation

I have the experience and skill set to proceed with your divorce in a way that is most beneficial to you. As a former mediator certified by the Florida Supreme Court, I may represent you as your attorney in mediation or out-of-court negotiations. Mediation is an amicable, cooperative approach to dispute resolution with the help of a neutral mediator. We predict what would likely happen in court and suggest compromises and creative alternatives to reach a sensible agreement.

I truly do look to resolve amicably. I always start with the intent to save the college money for the kids and spare clients from the acrimony and uncertainty of litigation. But there are certainly times when going to trial is unavoidable or the only strategic option. I have a reputation in the local divorce courts as a skilled and aggressive litigator. I represent many high net worth clients who have complex portfolios and businesses or careers to protect. Even when contested proceedings are necessary, I am resolution-oriented and aim for a swift and cost-efficient conclusion for you.

Your Divorce Source In South Florida

I am a patient resource for all your questions. I give good a pep talk when the stress is overwhelming. And bottom line, I’m going to work to ensure you come out on top if your divorce goes to trial. Call my Hollywood office at 954-627-1499 to schedule a free initial consultation.