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How can I make divorce easier for my children?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2023 | Divorce

Married Florida couples who are unhappy may stay together because they have children. However, sometimes the situation deteriorates so much that divorce becomes a better option.

Divorce typically has a significant impact on children. Change and loss of their familiar routines can negatively affect children and result in various issues.

There are many things you can do before, during and after your divorce to help make the experience easier for your children.

Preparing for the divorce

Talk to your children about the divorce before it happens. Do it together with your spouse if possible. Make sure they know that you both still love them, and the divorce has nothing to do with them.

Give them details that will reassure them that even though there will be some changes, they will still be safe, loved and secure. Tell them about where they will live and when they will see each of you.

If your divorce is amicable and you believe you and your spouse can continue to attend your children’s events at the same time, let your children know this, as well. You do not necessarily have to sit with your spouse at future events, but telling your children that both of you will continue to be there will help.

Give them extra attention

Children often need more time and attention than usual during the divorce process. No matter how much you prepare them, feelings of sadness, abandonment and anger are common.

You are going to have a lot going on during your divorce but make time to spend with each of your children. Keep them a main priority.

Avoid blame and keep arguments private

Never blame the other parent for the divorce or argue about divorce or custody issues in front of your children. You told them the divorce was not their fault, but seeing you argue about custody can make them feel guilty.

Stick to routines as much as you can. This will go a long way towards your children’s sense of stability.

Divorce is hard. Everyone’s situation is different and there is no magical solution to fix everything, but there are resources that can help.